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Update Your Crawl Space for Today’s Standards

completed crawl space

Completed crawl space encapsulation project.

Does your crawl space meet today’s standards? If you’re like most homeowners, then the answer is likely “no.” Crawl spaces are rarely considered when it comes to updating the home, but upgrading your crawl space is just as important as updating your kitchen or attic.

The following guide will help you understand how to update your crawl space to meet today’s standards.

Why Crawl Spaces Need to be Updated

Crawl spaces in older homes were designed with older, outdated research and information. In the past few decades, plenty of research and studies have shown designers how to build safer, more practical and more efficient crawl spaces than in the past.

The design of older crawl spaces tends to promote mold, moisture, fungus and bacterial growth. Older designs include foundation vents which allow for air outside the space to come inside, which brings moisture. This also increases the cold air in the home and makes it drafty and cold, particularly in the winter months. Over time, this moisture can cause wood rot and potentially create structural problems in your home.

Older crawl spaces also encourages insects and other pests to enter, which create all sorts of health and safety concerns. Termites, ants, and even pests like rats can all be drawn into an older style crawl space.

New Designs for Crawl Space

Modern crawl spaces have done away with the old-school foundation vents that often lead older homes to develop moisture and pest problems.

Modern crawl spaces are encapsulated, which means they are sealed with a thick plastic liner that prevents moisture from the outside from coming into the crawl space. This liner is much more durable than liner used in the past, since the modern lines have taped seams which promotes effective blockage.

This higher quality liner prevent moisture problems, such as wood and reduces the occurrence of mold, fungi, bacteria and other potentially hazardous growths.

Any modern crawl space should also have insulated foundation walls to keep air from getting in or out. This will keep cool air conditioned air inside during the hot months and cold air from getting in during the winter months.

New crawl spaces are effectively sealed off from the outside, which means that they are much less attractive to pests. This greatly reduces the chances that they will find their way inside your home, causing health and safety problems along the way.

Update Your Crawl Space Today

If your crawl space isn’t updated to modern standards, it’s time to upgrade. Call Pro Restoration to bring your old, outdated crawl space up to modern standards.

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