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How to Prevent, Prepare for and Recover From Water Damage

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Flood prevention and preparation can greatly reduce the devastating effects of water damage to your home.

It goes without saying that water damage can be extremely destructive to any residential or commercial property. If it is not addressed and cleaned quickly, not only will the water damage increase, but it can cause other potentially hazardous issues, such as mold and mildew build up.

The most common water damage cases are natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, but it can also be caused by wear and tear on the property in the form of roof or siding leaks, pipe bursts, defective gutters, and of course malfunctioning washing machines.

No home can be 100% protected from storms. Routine maintenance and seasonal inspections of roofing, siding and other vulnerable areas can locate potential problems before they allow water damage to occur.

Other areas of your home should also be monitored regularly since they can be more problematic and potentially cause water damage. Mainly your plumbing pipes and connections in your bathrooms, kitchen, and any pipelines in your crawl spaces or basement.

You’ll want to keep an eye out for existing damage, like peeling paint or wallpaper, discolored areas on the walls, ceilings, moldings, or base boards. Mold on the walls, moisture or condensation, mildew, moisture in the carpeting, or a musty smell are also indicators of water damage.

If you are expecting a heavy storm and your area is prone to flooding, there are several preparation steps that can be taken. Most importantly, put sandbags in areas where water tends to flow toward your home during storms. Most people who live in commonly flooded areas know where the offending low points or drainage areas cause issues. Be sure to minimize the drainage of water toward your house.

You should also cut the power in your home in the case there is flooding as you don’t want water and electricity to come into contact for obvious reasons.

If you are anticipating a significant flooding, you may want to move valuables to a storage facility. At a minimum try to put them in a safe, preferably elevated area of the home.

Minimize Loss From Water Damage

You’ll want to document your property damage as well as possible and then give it to your restoration company. You’ll want to note any exterior damage that has taken place as well, as this can be an indicator of any possible interior damage that isn’t viewable from inside. Look for damage or missing shingles on your roof, damaged or warped siding, loose boards, water intrusion through windows, or to the basement, etc.

Once the damage occurs, you’ll want to get standing water removed from the house immediately by sweeping it out the doors. Use a wet vac to further remove standing water. The longer the water is allowed to sit, the more potential damage can occur to carpets and other flooring or furniture.

Lastly, you should definitely hire a water damage restoration company to ensure proper removal and care for your property.

How Does Water Damage Restoration Work?

There are several steps any professional restoration company will take to remove water and restore it in the event of a flood, hurricane, or other disasters involving water. They will initially go through a process of removing any standing water from the home. Then a process of de-humidification will take place to dry out the wet areas once the standing water is removed. Next, a water evaporation process will be undertaken. Lastly, the air inside the home will be tested to make sure water and moisture is completely gone so further damage like mold and mildew buildup cannot take place.

Other potential steps the company may take include wet carpet restoration, content restoration, mold remediation, odor control, fabric restoration, and structural or floor restoration.

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