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Mold Removal in Winston-Salem, NC

Let us help you remove dangerous, unsightly mold and mildew from your home for better air quality, safety and health.

white mold removal

Poor crawl space conditions including heavy white mold on joists contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Mold removal needs to be taken very seriously because mold in your home or office is a well known and serious health hazard. Mold is especially harmful to our health because it produces certain allergens and airborne irritants that quickly spread throughout your entire home if it’s not dealt with.

That’s why your priority should be to remove over saving your carpet or structural materials that may have been infected. Mold can be caused by external water intrusions, or from internal sources, and is a very common issue.

Pro Restoration is the leading mold remediation company in Winston-Salem with years of experience, top of the line removal equipment and friendly, certified technicians. If you have visible mold in your home or if you’ve experienced a water intrusion, such as a leak, flooding, a pipe burst, or other internal moisture, contact us now to determine weather there are hidden pockets of mold growth.

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Common Sources of Mold

Mold and mildew occur from excessive moisture from a wide range of sources. Some of the most common sources are listed below, just to name a few.

  • Flooding from any source — Flooding can be caused by fire sprinklers, natural water collection, plumbing issues such as broken or burst pipes, leaky roof, faulty siding during storms with heavy winds, and many more.
  • Plumbing issues — Undiscovered plumbing issues in the walls are a breeding ground for mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity — Humidity in a home or office is a common cause of mold and mildew.
  • Improper waterproofing — Improper waterproofing in your crawl space or basement will cause mold and mildew collection.
  • Leaking — An undetected leak allowing rain and moisture from the outdoors to collect will frequently cause pockets of mold and mildew.

Leave Mold Removal to the Pros

Because mold spores are airborne, there are governmental standards and recommendations to remove mold, which require certifications. Professional mold removal requires special safety equipment, such as safety suits, breathing masks, and devices that cover the nose and mouth. So it’s definitely not something to pursue on your own.

Along with our highly effective water damage restoration, which removes water and flooding, we will ensure there is no mold in your property.

Do not be ashamed or feel guilty from the presence of mold in your property! You haven’t done anything wrong, or neglected your housekeeping. It simply means there has been moisture collected and mold spores have settled and multiplied. Most people are completely unaware those spots exist before discovering health symptoms and need mold removal.

Why Choose Pro Restoration?

There are many reasons why our customers prefer us over our competition:

  • We know and understand mold and the dangers it poses
  • We respond quickly and efficiently
  • We offer free consultations and quotes
  • We have the latest tools and technology at our disposal, so we can eradicate all traces of mold from your home, for good
  • We off the most competitive prices in the state
  • All of our jobs are guaranteed
  • We offer a fast, friendly, effective, and affordable service
  • We’re microbial remedial specialists

Our Mold Removal Process

If you suspect your home or property is being affected by mold, you’ll need to get the problem taken care of ASAP because it can spread so quickly. A typical mold damage removal/remediation process is split into 7 simple steps:

  1. Emergency response and contact
  2. Mold damage assessment and consultation
  3. Full mold containment
  4. Air purification and filtration
  5. Full mold removal, including mold infested objects
  6. Full content and belonging cleaning and sterilizing
  7. Full restoration

If you have experienced excessive moisture or water damage in your home or office, don’t wait until your health has been affected. Call Pro Restoration and our highly trained and experienced mold removal experts will solve your problem immediately.

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