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Crawl Space Repair in Winston-Salem, NC

Before and after crawl space encapsulation along with removal of garbage and debris.

Crawl space repair, encapsulation and sealing is a process that building experts recommend for transforming a dirty, damp space with mold and mildew into a clean, dry space where mold and mildew cannot form.

An estimated 40 percent of the air in the first floor of your home comes from the crawl space or basement!

Air from below the house enters the the home, and warm air in the upper floors is released through the attic. That air is replaced by new air from the windows and doors, but unfortunately, much of it also comes from the crawl space or basement..

Pro Restoration specializes in crawl space issues of all kinds. We can inspect your crawl space and offer our recommendations to improve it’s condition, along with any resulting living area problems..

Watch the video below showcasing one of our completed crawl space projects:

Showcase and overview video of one of our completed crawl space projects.